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Is Mayweather The King Of The Ring?

Love him or hate him, Floyd Mayweather Jr. proved this past weekend that he’s still got what it takes to be the “Money Maker”. Heck, even Warren Buffett replaced Justin Beiber from the Money Team so this has to be right, no? Despite all the money his fights make (averaging around 70 plus million when the proceeds from Pay Per View come in), there are always the critics that still have something to say.

The mere fact that Mayweather himself said, “This time I felt dry and dead” (source) in regards to his rematch with Maidana should be telling.  Although no one questions his victory in this match, the question of if he’s still pound for pound the best fighter at this current moment remains to be seen.

While avoiding to give in to the bloodlust of the crowd and fight some much wanted matches such as with Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather has skillfully placed himself in the ring with opponents that he knows he can handle. It’s a great way to keep up the record but terrible when proving you really are the best. Even gambling meccas are down on Mayweather, despite the fact that he racks in major dough whenever he fights.

The fact remains, people are getting bored. Do you feel the same? Let us know in the comments below.

Lingerie And Sports In Santa Barbara

Okay, so even though this website is mostly about sports stuff, I have to go on a little tangent because when I was out in California recently to visit some family and check out some sports arenas, my girlfriend really wanted some lingerie for some reason. She stood her ground that she better not receive something like the normal Victoria’s stuff or any mall bought brand so what was I supposed to do?

Lingerie Santa BarbaraSexy Lingerie Santa Barbara Online

Look online of course and hopefully find something local so I could get it fast! If you know anything about Angela, she can be sweet but also a tyrant if she doesn’t get what she wants. Knowing that, searching for lingerie Santa Barbara revealed a pretty awesome online store known as Guava Lingerie.

I say this because my experience was pretty smooth. Found something pretty unique and in my girl’s size and placed the order quickly. Since the place was local, I pretty much got it the next day (it was close to evening so didn’t expect anything right then and there). Babydoll in hand, the rest of my vacation was one of relaxation and totally worry free!

Santa Barbara is a treasure trove for sports fans, so it was a pleasure to hand out with some of the staff of Presidio Sports, who strives to provide their community access to all relevant sports news as well as feature local sports talent. I wish more local areas would work on providing this kind of coverage. Definitely something for me to think about setting up if it doesn’t come to fruition sooner.

Sports Relaxation Beverages Make A Difference In Performance

Energy drinks and sports drinks are common speak for people who perform at a high level in their game. Sports drinks, which are known in the industry as rehydration drinks because of their ability to quickly replenish what is lost when you sweat it out. Energy drinks give you a boost but their contribution to sports performance is still debatable. Relaxation drinks are on the opposite side of the spectrum but are important for an athlete who wants to maximize their potential. Read on to see why this may be so.

Relaxation Drinks May Be The Key

Everyone is quite aware of how a sports beverage will hydrate the body with important electrolytes (electrically charged elements) if mixed in the proper proportions with potassium, salt, carbohydrates and sugar. Water is the most important thing you can ingest but good sports drinks will keep you more balanced, especially for those who need to perform at peak levels and cannot eat food to obtain the proper nutrients.

After a great performance, the body will naturally bring you down and if you maintain a good sleep schedule, you won’t have any issues with rest. The thing is, with day to day stuff that happens and the stress levels that accompany this type of lifestyle, getting the proper conditions to rest right is tough. The use of sleeping pills is a solution for some but many would rather do this naturally.

This is where something like MiniChill relaxation drinks come into play. With a combination of herbal extracts and vitamins to promote a healthy immune system, frequent users speak about how the improvement in mood is the first effect they notice. The calm feeling is what contributes to actually getting the rest you desperately need after getting energized from vigorous sports play.

A relaxation shot (drink) is sugar free and calorie free so taking it at night won’t lead to weight gain or jitters, which would be the opposite result you are looking for. Getting more rest is how you achieve the best performance as recovery is the key to top athletes doing their best. Isn’t that what you want? Checking out a relaxation beverage then would be in your best interest!

Sports Fans – Traveling With Your Pet

As a rabid sports fan who also deeply cares for his pet, one can understand what I’m talking about in this post. Traveling with your pet to games, or at least to the same states or countries where your favorite sport is being held can be a big hassle if you don’t prepare properly. Traveling in general is not always something I enjoy, especially if I go across the globe, but throw in having to worry about the dog, and it becomes pretty stressful. That is, until I saw the offerings of Voyager Pet Products.

Nylon Pet BackpackNylon Pet Dog Carrier Backpack

So, my dog is small sized and can be put in a carrier that is about the size of my bookbag. I did my research online and found a great nylon pet dog carrier backpack from this awesome company and I couldn’t be happier! Appropriate in size to be taken to those outside games and flexible enough to be stored away when not in use, this is the perfect accessory for any sport fan who needs to bring his pet along.

Safe for transport through the airlines and large enough for my dog to feel comfortable is the highlight of this carrier but the styles offered can use some improvements. If they can get some licensing to put some fan branding on it, I would be swapping out multiple backpacks for each team specific game I attend, haha.

Okay, so maybe this is taking it too far as one can leave their pet at home or with friends or the pet hotel if you’re gone for more than a day but I love my pet and enjoy him being around. I mean, he is my best friend so figuring out the best way to bring him along safely and comfortably is in both our interests.

For sports fans with larger pets, the prospect of having your pet tag along is less likely but be aware there are a variety of pet carriers available so make sure to do your research and find out more from Voyager Pet if they have what you need. We’re certain they do. Thanks again for coming by the site and see you at a future game!

Sporting Leather Punk Bracelets In The Field

In sports, the gear you wear should either complement your performance or improve it. Anything else should be consider excess and worn after the game is done. An obvious example of this would be clothing like those provided by the famous brand Under Armour which released “HeatGear Sonic”, a base layer that is both light and thin. Gear like this can whisk away the sweat off your body and keep you cool while performing at the highest levels possible.

Leather BraceletsSport Leather Punk Bracelets?

Okay, so now that we know that most sport gear should be used for a specific purpose, why even mention a sport leather punk bracelet right? Well, for the rest of the world who live a normal life and don’t have multiple dedicated pieces of clothing for every type of sport they participate in, or simply they just want a pick up game, the idea of accessories that serve more than one function makes sense.

In this case, a leather bracelet focused on great style (punk), while also not standing out too much when on the basketball court for example would be ideal. Designed to have both leather and absorbing properties of cloth are now available in certain online stores. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, definitely check our recommended supplier which we stock our own store with.

Athletic wristbands don’t need to be boring so this idea should hit a nerve with those who recognize good style can also serve a purpose. In truth, leather probably isn’t the best material to be mixing with sports but as mentioned, designers need to be aware of the popularity of sports enthusiasts as well as the hardcore sports participant.

Mixing style with function has always been the domain of the big brands so when smaller companies introduce features in mundane types of clothing, we are very interested and you should be too. Again, we appreciate you taking the time to check us out and look forward to serving your sporting needs.

Excited About The World Cup 2014?

Ok, so I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really follow what the world would refer to as “futbol” as I’m a big American football fan. The NBA finals just concluded in what should have been more of a challenge but I’ll leave that for another conversation ;)

I happened to be flipping through the channels when I realized that one of the matches was about to begin and it was the USA team so of course, I wanted to check what all the fuss was about. Lucky for me, Clint Dempsey opened up with a goal within the first minute!

That got me stoked but of course that was the only score from the US for a while. They eventually won which is great and you can say that I did get convinced to follow their progress but I still have to get into a sport which doesn’t rack up the score in some faster manner, haha.

Yeah, could be an American thing but I won’t stereotype the whole country for ya. This is just my own opinion, which we all are entitled to! Regardless, I hope the US team does well and in a way, they did convert me just a little bit. Maybe in another four years, I’ll be a die hard fan!